Review authors

How to get involved as a review author?

We would welcome newcomers who interest in developing the Cochrane reviews with Thai Cochrane Network, on board with our review author team.

If you have expertise in some aspect of healthcare, consider joining the relevant Cochrane Review Group. If there is not yet a group which covers your specialty, register your interest in being part of a new group. Being part of a Cochrane review group provides the support, resources and training to tackle a systematic review, and an international audience when your work is published in The Cochrane Library

Please contact Woraluk  Somboonporn for more inquiries about developing the cochrane review.

All Cochrane systematic reviews are needed to follow step-by-step of the editorial process below.

1. Titles
To register your title must contact the Co-ordinator of each Cochrane Review Group. The title should be not already undertaken by someone else and address a reasonable question which meets Cochrane standards - an intervention for a health-care problem.

2. Protocols
Once your title has been accepted, you then start writing the protocol to state what and how you plan to do it. The review author has to submit the protocol to the editorial based in RevMan (a software designed for the editing of Cochrane systematic reviews) within six months from submission of title.

3. Reviews 
Once your protocol has been published you will proceed with writing the review. There will be a deadline for the submission of the review for around twelve months from the approval of the protocol but no later than two years (or as agreed with the editorial base). After the final review has been approved by the editorial, your review woud be submitted for inclusion in The Cochrane Library.

4. Updating
Cochrane review must be updated every two years from the date last searched. If the Editorial Team recognises that a review has become significantly out-of-date and the review authors do not take any action, the Editorial Team may either consider trasfering responsibility for the review to a third party or withdraw the review from The Cochrane Library. Updated reviews will be peer reviewed in a manner similar to that described for reviews above. 

Review Production Resouces for review authors:

Training - face-to-face
Contact Cochrane Centres or Review Groups about local workshops and courses in review production. Some of these events are listed on the Cochrane workshops page.

Training - online

  • Open Learning Materials - learn the steps in convenient online modules which supplement the Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook in helping you gain skills and complete your review.

Training resources provided by other organizations: